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The Ultimate Guide to industrial and commercial resin Flooring: What It Is and Its Many Applications and why choose it for your business?

The Benefits of a industrial and commercial resin surface?

  1. Durability - Fit for purpose, the product offering is huge and thanks to the innovation of the the key manufacturers they have developed a range of products that will almost always meet the requirements for your business, home or project needs. Polymer surfaces are world renowned for their high resistance to scratches, chemicals and heat over long periods of time.

  2. Low Maintenance - Easy to clean, hard wearing with chemical resistance means you can keep polymer surfaces looking clean.

  3. Customisation - With such a high performing product range, meeting your specific and unique business needs will not be a problem. Emphasis on specification at the design stages are key to ensure all of your surfacing project needs are met and you maximise the longevity of the polymer surface.

  4. Hygiene - Polymer surfaces are designed to support the compliance requirements in industries like food, nuclear, ESD and pharmaceuticals that must maintaining high levels of cleanliness not only for colleague safety but product safety also. Unlike other surfaces that are stone or wood based polymers will not soak up dirt, waste or chemicals.

  5. Value for money - When the solution has been specified correctly for your business needs and the correct preparation and installation procedures are followed you should expect to use these solutions for long periods of time saving you money, time and business disruption on replacing or repairing a poorly designed or installed surface.

What is a Polymer?

Polymerisation is, in simple terms, a chemical reaction between multiple components to create a polymer.

Although the components of a polymer floor are primarily liquid (other than added decorative flakes, filler aggregates, texturising sand or anti-slip quartz beads), the chemical reaction results in a hard, durable surface for your floor.

There are different types of polymer flooring, that Resin Surfaces can design, supply, and install for its customers each with its own unique performance characteristics.

Food processing plant resin floor

Resin flooring Technologies:


  • Epoxy - Applications where durability and chemical resistance are required.

  • Polyurethane - Applications where elasticity, impact resistance and UV stability are required.

  • Polyurethane Concrete - Heavy-duty applications and areas of thermal shock.

  • Comfort PU Liquid Vinyl - Commercial applications where design and improved indoor environmental quality are paramount.

  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) - Speedy applications, where a quick turnaround is required.

Industries served by resin-based products

Industrial and manufacturing

Plane turbine
Aerospace defence

-      Automotive.

-      Electronics.

-      Food processing.

-      Warehousing and Distribution.

-      Pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

-      Print and Packaging.

-      Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

-      Construction and building Materials.

Food and Beverage

Commercial kitchen resin floor
Bistro Kitchen

-       Bakeries and confection.

-       Breweries and Distilleries.

-      Catering Kitchens.

-       Dairies and Cheese production.

-      Packaging Halls.

-      Meat, Poultry, and seafood areas.

-      Refrigerators, freezing and wet processing.


Retail and Shopping

Shopping centre resin floor
Shopping centre

-       Fulfilment centres.

-       Hair and beauty.

-       Restaurants and Cafes.

-       Shopping centres.

-       Supermarkets.

-       Bars, pubs and Nightclubs.

-       Retail outlets.

-      Retail Parks.

Institutional buildings

Fire station resin floor with line markings
Fire station

-       Civic buildings.

-       Prisons.

-      Emergency services.

-       Hospitals.

-      Medical centers.

-       Military bases.

-       Town Halls.

-       Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Commercial Venues

Resin designer floor
Hotel reception

-      Airports.

-       Commercial Offices.

-      Concert Halls.

-      Hotels.

-       Museums.

-       Sports and Leisure Facilities.

-      Stadiums.

Multi-story carparks

Polymer based line marking in car park
Car Park

-       Basement Decks.

-      Driveways.

-      Intermediate Decks.

-       Loading Docks.

-      Parking Bays.

-      Ramps.

-       Stairwells.

-       Turning circles.

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