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newly installed resin driveway at a property

Resin Driveways, Patios and Pathways for homes in
The South West

Interested in upgrading the appearance of your property with a resin driveway? Contact the team at Resin Surfaces today for a free no obligation quote.

Resin driveway

All weather resin bound

ULTRA is a new NON-UV Resin that has been specifically designed for the resin bound market to provide added moisture protection and strength. The product has been tested using real life conditions for the past 3 years, giving you peace of mind to install in unpredictable conditions.

Resin Surfaces are proud to be one of the first installers of the ULTRA resin bound system and have successfully completed multiple projects with 100% customer satisfaction.

Complete design and installation

Free consultation

Ideal for drives, patios and paths, 

Resin driveway leading to wall

Key benefits

  • Temperature tolerant – work in 0°C-20°C conditions

  • Moisture resistant – removes the risk of blooming when unexpected downpours occur.

  • Enables your project to be completed without wet/cold weather delays.

  • Suitable for driveways, pathways and Patios. 

This system is available in 6 different colours:

  • Cappuccino

  • Rose Garden

  • Brindle

  • Arcadia

  • Sunset

  • Sienna

You can say goodbye to the normal weather related barriers that affect your driveway, patio or pathway transformation.

close up or grey resin driveway with black border accent

Patios and Pathways

  • You can say goodbye to the normal weather related barriers that affect your driveway, patio or pathway transformation.

resin garden area

Benefits of resin bound

There are many hard-surfacing systems available on the market, including Tarmac®, concrete, block paving and concrete. However, resin bound surfacing is unique. No other surfacing system can offer the same range of strengths, resistances, and structural and aesthetic benefits.

How does resin bound compare to more traditional surfaces?

resin driveway with black border design
resin driveway 3

The key benefits of a resin bound system

  • Colour stable, UV resistant

  • Permeable and SUDS compliant

  • Slip resistant

  • Weed resistant

  • Frost resistant

  • Long lifespan

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Totally seamless

  • Unlimited design options

  • Smooth, flat and hardwearing surface

  • 42 different colours/blends to choose from plus the options to design your own bespoke blend

Total flexibility of design

You can adapt your resin bound system into any shape imaginable on your surface, providing a beautiful alternative to paving, Tarmac® or concrete. The wide range of colours and blends means you can mix and enjoy unique design options.

Permeable, SUDS compliant surface

Resin bound surfaces are permeable and allow water to drain through to the sub-base. This means our resin bound system is SUDS compliant, as long as the sub-base is also permeable and SUDS compliant. For more information on SUDS compliance please visit:

resin patio

Long lasting results

Our Resin Bound aggregate system is incredibly strong and durable and will remain so for up to 15 years, providing the sub base is installed by Resin Surfaces. Overlaying Tarmac®, concrete or a stable hardcore base (foot traffic only) will generally come with a 5-year guarantee to the resin surface only. 

Easy to maintain

The resin binds with the original surface, effectively gluing the new surface finish in place. The resin bound surface is relatively low maintenance and, if maintained correctly, resistant to weeds. The higher quality resin systems are also resistant to petrol or oil spills and will retain a consistent colour, thanks to UV resistance. We have a variety of options available and can discuss these with you when in the design phase of your project.

Smooth and flat surface 

Unlike resin bonded aggregates or loose gravel, a resin bound surface is smooth, flat and seamless. This is because of the way that resin and aggregates are mixed and then trowelled. As a surface, it is ideally suited for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic/parking. Anti slip is also added to ensure your new surface is safe to walk on.

Easy to clean and maintain

A resin bound system is easy to clean. Most dirt, marks or other cleaning jobs can be taken care of with a simple jet wash.

resin driveway domestic project

Get a free consultation for a resin driveway, patio or pathway installation

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