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Polished prepped floor surface

Professional surface preparation for smooth results

At Resin Surfaces, our diamond grinding floor preparation service is available in Exeter and other locations, providing a solution to all your flooring concerns. From repairing dings and scratches, to levelling uneven areas and removing stains or any old coatings, we offer a top-quality service carried out by our expert technicians. Transform the appearance and safety of your business by trusting us to prepare your flooring to perfection.

Smooth polished floor surface

Introducing diamond grinding

At our company, we use a planetary diamond grinder to smooth out surfaces in preparation for new floor installations. Our experienced team uses large diamond heads to remove any coatings on concrete quickly and effectively. We then use small diamond heads to polish and hone the surface, leaving it perfectly smooth and ready for new flooring. This bespoke service can be used as a standalone option or as part of a comprehensive floor installation package.

Full floor installation or standalone

Free consultation

Expert team

Polished floor in commercial kitchen

Qualified team, modern equipment

Resin Surfaces has been a leading team in floor preparation for over 20 years. Our exceptional service and qualified status set us apart from competitors. We are equipped with cutting-edge machinery and we use modern techniques to ensure your floor is levelled to perfection. Our team offers a free consultation to assess your floor's needs, and we always strive to deliver the highest quality of work possible, no matter the size of the project. Get in touch to discuss what you need.

Why our diamond grinding service?

  • Complete floor preparation service

  • Can be used as a standalone service

  • Modern diamond grinding equipment used

  • Polished, smooth surface delivered, ready for the next stage

  • Qualified team

  • 20 years in the industry

  • FREE consultation given

Polished green resin floor

Get a free consultation on our floor preparation service

 Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what we can do for you.

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