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"Uncovering the Benefits of All Weather Resin Bound in Budleigh Salterton and Exeter: What You Need to Know"

Updated: Jun 5

The Resin Bound Industry From way back when

The resin bound industry has been at the mercy of British weather since it began over 30 years ago. Why, you ask? well the two-part Polyurethane resin that makes up the resin bound system (minus the aggregate) is extremely sensitive to moisture exposure before and during the curing process. As It reacts by pulling in the moisture resulting in a swelling and very much weakened construction on bond.

Now this may not surprise some of you but for those of you who are new to resin bound and are thinking of enhancing your driveway or landscape this can be a very frustrating experience. The installer will be aware if this and as a result will potentially delay your project. Worse case, moisture hits your beautiful resin bound surface after installation causing defects that result in pulling it all up! And this is a very expensive problem for everyone to have.

The future is upon us with New Resin bound Technology

Resin bound patio using the Arcadia blend
Resin bound patio

Thanks to the innovation of our manufacturer and supply partner, after 3 years of testing in Scotland they have brought to Market a resin that can be installed in such conditions. So these weather related delays and errors are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With some minor adjustments to how we mix the resins and aggregate together (under shelter) we can now install your beautiful resin bound driveway, pathway or patio with zero risk of our not so glorious and predictable weather causing delays and quality issues resulting in the customer having a positive experience with there home or business project.

A stunning all weather resin bound patio
Arcadia blend Patio

This means Resin Surfaces LTD can now focus on installing resin bound driveways, patio's and pathways In Budleigh Salterton and Exeter with no delays and ensuring the 15 year guarantees are protected. With a variety of installations under our belt using this product not only do we have the experience using this product we have the live examples of patios, driveways and pathways still very much as we left them when we installed them with very happy customers.

With 6 stunning colours available you there is no reason you can't get the Resin bound driveway, patio or pathway you've always wanted.

For further information please do get in touch via our website or email us directly on

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